Mar 20, 2010


Jasper Here! Guess what??? My mud holes survived the winter!!!! As soon as I found them today I started digging, barking at the mud, and digging some more. This is what I did ALL LAST SUMMER - and it was FUN! I think maybe it started when I saw a frog in a mud hole once along time ago, but digging is so fun I don't care if anything is in the mud hole! I bark at the mud a LOT just so everyone thinks I am hunting. Here is a picture of me with Mabel and Moe (my sister and brother) today after some digging. This was before I stuck my WHOLE HEAD in the mud.

Then, I started thinking...if the MUDHOLES are diggable....I bet the POND is ready for swimming!

I could NOT help myself. I busted through the electric fence to get to the pond. It was only a little shock and SO WORTH IT! Here is me after I busted through the fence. Look, NO ICE! Once Mommy saw me on the pond side she knew what was next, so she got her camera to capture my FIRST SWIM of 2010! Then Daddy said he might as well take the winter electric fence down and now we can swim EVERY DAY! Good thing because River rolled in something and he STINKS so Mommy hopes he goes swimming, too. I LOVE SPRING!