Oct 31, 2009

HMMM...No dog treats???? This isn't a very fun Halloween! Maybe I could play with one of these rats. If dogmom wasn't standing right there with a camera, I would take a rat to play with.

Halloween was fun!

River Here! Me and Jasper had a fun Halloween. First Lisa put out a big huge bowl of microwave popcorn, candy bars, and toy rats. Jasper and I checked a few times but can you believe there was not a single dog biscuit in that bowl? We decided Halloween was dumb, until the kids started coming!

We had 10 trick-or-treaters and the kids REALLY liked the rats. We really liked the kids! One had a big furry ape suit and mask on and I thought it was a wild animal that I should chase out of the house, so Lisa put me in a room by myself. Once I calmed down and the kid took that mask off, I came out and they all petted me. I was very good. We left Jasper outside for that group.

Jasper jumped on a few kids but the kids mostly liked it. He gave them kisses and he didn't even try to get their candy. I myself went for the candy first...but I didn't get a single piece. Those kids keep a tight hold on their candy!