Jan 25, 2010

Just Helping Out Around Here!

Jasper here. I am a big helper. I (and Daddy but he uses soap and water) like to make sure the dishes are really really REALLY clean so the dishwasher doesn't have to work so hard. River's job is to lick the floor in case any crumbs fell down. Us dogs are so helpful, why doesn't everyone have at least one?????

Jan 14, 2010

My Brother the Flight Risk

Jasper Here! Did you hear about snowshoeing yesterday? Mommy took us snowshoeing before she went to work and she let me and River BOTH run OFF LEASH! We love to run off leash! River doesn't get to run off leash too much because Mommy says he is a flight risk. After all, the nice people at GRIN said he was a stray (even after someone loved him enough to teach him sit, shake, stay, lay down, and even SPEAK!) JEEPERS! When me and River first moved here he took off and Mommy found him all the way down by the road, visiting an all-you-can-eat deer carcass buffet. Then another time Aunt Amy was watching him and he tried to take off but lucky for Aunt Amy they were in a football field with a fence around it. Then another time, we were at the beach and me and River both went in the water after a stick and instead of coming back to Daddy and Mommy, River TOOK OFF down the shoreline. Boy, did he run fast. Mommy and Daddy looked silly chasing him and he didn't listen but finally they got him.
Anyways, we were snowshoeing yesterday and even I was getting a little tired because the snow was really deep and plus I have to zig-zag all over to make sure I don't miss anything. Then me and River chased some tracks and then River just disappeared! I went home with Mommy but River didn't come, so we went back, and we still didn't find him, so we went home and got the car and called and called but he didn't come. Then Mommy put her snowshoes on again and headed into the woods and guess who shows up? Yup! River! He didn't tell anyone where he was or what he found, but Mommy isn't sure she wants to know....and you can guess who is NOT going to go off leash again anytime soon! Sorry River!