Jun 13, 2010

Company! We Love Company!

Jasper Here! We had company today! Three dogs came to visit us - Bob, Kazi, and Libby - and we had fun! We get SO EXCITED when doggies come to visit. We went swimming and running and playing and I LOVE having company because there are more people around to throw stuff in the pond for me. Kazi is a FAST runner and I don't know if even I could keep up with her. She kept taking off and I think she even went around the whole pond once or twice and everyone would look for her and then she would just show up! And Justin threw Libby in the pond and she looked funny all wet. She is not very good at shaking water off - but Mommy says hardly anyone shakes water off like I do. Bob the dog had fun wandering around too and he got lots of sniffin's, and River got to sniff all the company's you-know-whats AND he got to chase sticks. It was ANOTHER GREAT DAY! Here are some photos of Bob, Kazi, and Libby:

Jun 8, 2010

Rainy Sunday

"The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play, so we laid in the garage all that cold cold wet day."
Here's us, keeping Mommy company while she was cleaning out the garage on a rainy and chilly Sunday in June. Aren't we helpful? Maybe you should think about adopting a helper!

Jun 5, 2010

Cat in my Crate!

River Here. Can you believe this? You know I love my crate. Well, Tundra loves my crate, too. Sometimes she goes in there for a nap and then when I want to go in my crate for MY nap, I can't cause SHE's in there and so I have to go nap on the chair. But the chair is good for napping, too, so I put up with it.

So, anyways, today Mommy was heading out for a bike ride and she got the super-yummy treats to entice me and Jasper to go in our crates, so we were VERY excited and we each ran into our own crate and got our treat and got locked in and then she left (Mommy knows she wouldn't have to lock ME in but she HAS to lock Jasper in.... )

WELL, when I ran in my crate I turned around for my treat so fast that I didn't see TUNDRA sleeping in the back, and neither did Mommy! I spent over 3 hours sharing my crate with the CAT! Now, I am a big long dog who likes to stretch out and I could not stretch out with Tundra in there. As if that was not bad enough, when Mommy came home to let me out and she saw ME curled up in the back and Tundra in the front - she didn't even let us out! She started laughing like crazy and went to get the CAMERA. Oh, the indignities. Next time I am checking out my crate BEFORE I go in!