Feb 28, 2010

River Has Fun, too!

HI Everyone! River Here! I want to dispel the myth that I am a chair potato and share some photos of ME snowshoeing. Don't get me wrong...some of my favorite things are my crate, the oversized chair, and treats...but I AM always up for a good adventure, too!
We went out one morning last week when the sun was shining and it was really cold. Mommy let me and Jasper run off leash and I remembered there is a big deer carcass by the pond. I ran over there and was scraping snow off so I could have a little frozen treat when Mommy showed up. I knew I was busted but I didn't want it to be a TOTAL loss so I rolled over the deer and even scored some deer hair on my own coat before I was snapped back onto the leash! Jasper doesn't seem to care much about deer carcasses but I LOVE them.
Even though I was on the leash, we still had fun! PLUS I got lots of nice naps the rest of the day!

Feb 26, 2010

Snowshoeing with Kazi!

Hi! Jasper Here! Today was SO MUCH FUN! Right after breakfast Mommy loaded me and her snowshoes in the car and we went across the lake to my friend Kazi's house. Kazi lives right next to a golf course and even though GOLF looks boring, golf COURSES are fun! In fact I bet us dogs have more fun on golf courses than people do. Me and Kazi ran and ran and ran - we tried to sniff every single tree on the WHOLE course, plus there were snow drifts and hills and ponds and woods and it was just FUN! Oh, I rolled in the snow a lot, too. I LOVE to roll!
River had to stay home because Mommy says it is one thing to have him take off on our property, but if he took off over there we would not know where to start looking! But he got to hang out with daddy and sleep in his chair so I don't think he minded. Here are some pictures of me and Kazi!
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Feb 13, 2010

ANOTHER happy day!

Jasper Here! Mommy took me and River snowshoeing today and it was FUN. I ran and ran and ran. Here is a picture of me running back to Mommy and River, after I ran around the whole field. Mommy said she was in a risk-taking mood, so even after River taking off last time, we didn't have to wear leashes! Here is River, licking snow off his snout! Sorry River, I mean muzzle.

We BOTH stopped when we smelled something interesting...but Mommy said if we went through that fence NO ONE was going to get ANY treats. So we didn't go through THAT fence, but we did go through some fences later on. Maybe 2 or 8 fences. Sometimes I have to admit I go through fences and I can't figure out how to get back. I just stand there and bark and Mommy rescues me.

Now, can you guess what THIS is in the photo below? It's ME!!!! I like to STOP running sometimes and just ROLL. This is when Mommy calls me HAPPY JASPY!!!!! I don't really know why but I LOVE to roll in snow. Grass and leaves are ok too but Snow is the best. Especially icy snow. Today was not icy but still fun! Riv rolls sometimes, but Mommy says no one rolls with quite as much enthusiasm as ME.

It was ANOTHER GREAT DAY! If you are looking for a friend to snowshoe with, you should check out GRIN at www.grinrescue.org, or check out the SPCA or other shelters. I bet there are dogs there that would LOVE to take you snowshoeing, and they would even take you for walks and hikes and drives and swimming and play fetch AND keep your toes warm!

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Feb 6, 2010

Brothers stick together!

Hee Hee Hee - Jasper and River here. We might not always get along but we NEVER rat each other out! A couple of nights ago our Dog Dad was fixing a nice dinner for our Dog Mom and he asked her to take the bread out of the oven and put in on the table. So she did and she asked Daddy if she should put it on the empty plate on the corner. Well, first he looked confused and then he looked REALLY mad and said what we think were some bad words and then Mommy looked confused, until he told her that it WAS a plate FULL of freshly shredded aged Parmesan he had grated. The plate was perfectly clean and dry and not a shred of cheese anywhere, and since no one saw anything, neither of us were in trouble! MMMMM We Love Cheese. CHEESE RULES!