Feb 18, 2012

Whole New Dogs!

Jasper here! Mommy and Daddy just got back from a trip and they said it was like coming home to Whole New Dogs!
Aunt Susan stayed with us and not only did she give us MAJOR haircuts, she gave us BATHS! Usually when I need to get cleaned off I just jump in the pond, but these were REAL baths with SOAP!
Me and River were so confused we just stood there and let her lather us up and rinse us off. Then WE thought we smelled funny but Aunt Susan was REALLY happy and she kept telling us how pretty we are. Pretty? Well, anyways, you should see how fluffy I am with all the shampooing I got.
Good thing, because with all that fluffy hair you might not be able to tell that I might have gained a few pounds! From what? From eating about 300 treats in the past two weeks! Know why? Aunt Susan taught me to SHAKE, and it took a LOT of treats for me to learn.
No one is sure if I am just a slow learner or smart like a fox...and I'm not telling....all they know is after 6 years of trying to get me to do it, I now hold up a paw when someone tells me to shake. Then River has to come right over and shake too so if you tell me to shake, you better have TWO hands free and plenty of treats nearby. WELCOME HOME!
Thank you Aunt Susan! We love you!