May 29, 2012

Road Trip!

Hi-Ho!  River here!  Me and Jasper FINALLY got to go on a road trip!  A real trip, and we stayed in a hotel and drove 2 whole days and ended up in Southwest Florida.  Whew, it's hot there.  Anyways, we want to tell you about our trip!
First Daddy bought a jail-gate so we had to stay in the BACK of the car.  It wasn't so bad.  Even Jasper slept most of the way.  The only thing I didn't like so well were the mountains and the twisty roads.  Everyone was nervous because they said it looked like I was about to lose my lunch, as they say.  But I didn't and after awhile the road got better. 
We got to sleep in a Hotel!  A Residence Inn!  It wasn't really too much fun the first time.  Jasper was pretty stressed out and he decided we should bark whenever we heard any noise at all.  Then about 1:00 am the neighbors decided to have a party in their room and Mommy stayed awake petting Jasper so he would not bark, while me and Daddy slept in the bed. Then me, Jasper, and  Mommy slept in the car most of the next day!
So, we are driving and we stop somewhere south of North Carolina and guess what?  Jasper decided he does NOT LIKE the grass south of North Carolina and he would NOT walk on it.  This lasted a couple of days, even in Florida, until he finally decided he better get used to it because the pavement is awfully hot down there!

There is a dog park in Florida called Canine Cove and we went there every day, sometimes 3 times a day. We are pretty sure we were the only dogs who went there 3 times in one day.    Mommy bought Jasper a new red kong disk so he would play at the dog park.  He did not care a bit about other dogs, but he did like to go say hi to all the people there, then he just chased the disk until his tongue was hanging to the ground.  I liked the dog park, too and I tried to make friends with some dogs, especially a pretty golden girl named Gabby, but she mostly ignored me.  Maybe she thought I was too old for her.  Do I look too old?  Canine Cove was nice but not nearly as much fun as our house.  Here is me, relaxing in the shade at the Canine Cove.   

So, the down side of Florida was that there is water all around, even next to the dog park, and NO PLACE TO SWIM!  The upside was that we did not have a fence at our house and you know what that means...lots of WALKS!  And I do like walks. The ride home was about the same except this time we got a 2 bedroom Residence Inn and I got to sleep with Daddy in one room and Mommy and Jasper got the other room!  It was much better than the first one we stayed at.  Dog friendly hotels are hard to find, especially for 2 big dogs like us!   It was a pretty good trip but we are glad to be home!