Jan 29, 2012

End of an Era

Hi Everybody,
River and Jasper here. We are sorry to say that our brother Moe is gone and now it is just us golden dogs and Tundra the cat around here. Mommy says it is the end of an era - the M's - Mabel, Max, and Moe - were littermates and they were here lots longer than us so they were kind of in charge. Moe was the last one left. He was something like 14 years old and the vet said his heart was just worn out. Up to the end he still went for little walks with us every day plus his walks all around the yard plus he still had a great appetite, so that's not a bad way to go!

Of course, Mommy says part of his good appetite was all that nice soft canned food he was getting. Chicken and sweet potato - Boy did that smell good! Every day after Moe finished eating, we would run out and see if he left any little smear of his food for us. Sometimes he did!

Anyways, Daddy called Moe a big lug, because if you were a person sitting in a chair, Moe would always try to climb up and join you. He loved people, but he even liked chairs when no one was in them. Here is a picture of Moe in a chair. We miss you Moe!

Jan 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!
River here with Jasper to wish everyone a Happy New Year! The weather has been really warm for this time of year and we didn't get hardly ANY snow until today. Here we are! It doesn't look too bad right here but there is something like 10" of snow in the yard and it is PERFECT for running in and chasing the red Kong disc!

It has been so mild here that mommy went biking New Year's day, and Jasper even went swimming in the pond a couple of days before Christmas! I did not go swimming with him, because a couple of days before THAT the pond had ICE on it and while Jasper doesn't seem to mind the cold, there was NO WAY I was going in. To tell you the truth, I have really been enjoying curling up in my big chair. Some days I spend almost all day there!

We had a really super fun Thanksgiving with the grandkids here to visit. I got lots of extra nibbles off the kid's table, which is fortunately just EXACTLY the height of my chin. Jasper got most of his nibbles by licking the kid's faces, especially Nydus'...whose FACE is exactly the same height as Jasper's and who laughed and laughed when Jasper licked him. The kids took us for walks, too! We miss them lots.

Christmas was fun too! Our dog cousins Trixie and Ripley came over for Christmas dinner, then Trixie came to visit another day and it got pretty exciting when Tundra the cat decided to show Trixie who is the boss. Boy, I wish I had a video of THAT to post for you!

Anyways, if you want to have a REALLY happy new year, you should think about adopting a dog or even a cat from a shelter or rescue. Love, River and Jasper