Aug 2, 2011

Bye to Mabel

River here. Sad news to report - our sister Mabel died earlier in July. Mabel is the pretty girl on the left in the photo. She is now with their brother Max, chasing birds all over the place. She and Moe used to howl together every day at the 5:00 pm siren. If you can't tell, this picture was taken at 5:00 pm! Mabel had a good day, and even took a little walk, but we know she was getting weak and she passed in her sleep the next day. Aunt Susan was really really great taking care of her, because Mommy and Daddy were out of town when it happened.
The REALLY sad thing is how much her brother Moe (in the middle) misses her! Me and Jasper spend LOTS of time outside these days keeping Moe company, because if we don't, he barks and barks. Who can blame him? He and Mabel were together for 13 years, and Max was with them most of that time, too. Bye Mabes! Hope you catch some birds!