Oct 22, 2011

Fall Mud Season!

Hi Everyone! River here! Me and Jasper are both happy! For me, fall allergy season seems to be over. Of course I had to take 3 weeks worth of pills to recover from all my itching and chewing, and my tail still looks pretty funny with a big bare spot then a pouf of hair on the end, but I am definitely feeling better and I don't even have to wear the lampshade! Of course, there goes my excuse for sleeping in bed with Mommy and Daddy but all in all, I am still MUCH happier.
Now Jasper never stopped being happy because that is just how he is. That is why they call him Happy Jaspy! Anyways, HE is happy because it has rained a LOT the last few days and you know what that means...MUD. Mommy and Daddy were working outside and Jasper dug in his 4 or 12 or however many mudholes that he has going, and he barked the WHOLE TIME. Here is his biggest and best mud hole!

Oct 2, 2011

River's New Bed

Jasper here. Guess what River has been doing again? Yup, chewing. This time on his TAIL and the vet is out of town and Mommy and Daddy are making him wear that lampshade again and he does NOT like it, not one bit. Except...he gets to sleep in the BIG bed. I tried to sleep in the big bed once but I was SO EXCITED that I kept kissing everyone and nudging them to play and stuff and all they wanted to do was sleep but who has time for that when you could be playing? So back in the crate I went.
Anyways, River gets to sleep in the big bed with his big old lampshade on and even though Mommy and Daddy say they don't have enough space with River AND the lampshade, they still let him because if he goes in his crate there is definitely not enough room and the lampshade hits the side of the crate in the middle of the night, then I have to BARK at him, then EVERYONE wakes up.
So, guess who thinks he OWNS the big bed? That's right! And he would not let Mommy make the bed without him this morning, so she just had to work around him. Here is River, owning the bed: