Aug 30, 2010


River here. Can you believe this????? I get a little hot spot on my tail and the next thing you know I am at the vet, getting about 8 inches of my tail shaved, AND I have to wear this stupid looking collar!!! Just 'cause I could not leave the spot alone. Can you blame me? It itched!!!! Who wouldn't chew at it a little, just to stop the itching???? Now to make things worse my little brother Jasper will not stop barking at my collar. ARRRRGGGHHHHH.
The only good thing is that Mommy says me and the collar will not both fit in the crate and I bet she lets me get up on the bed. Plus, I have to take some pills and you know what that means - lots of PEANUT BUTTER! I still don't like the idea of this stupid collar but maybe I can work it a little....

Aug 17, 2010

Contact Lens Cases Taste Good!

Jasper here. Remember when I said cats are useful? Well, Tundra (the cat) knocked Lisa's contact lens case (with the contacts still in it) off the bathroom counter and I could not help myself - it just looked like a fun thing to chew on! Plus it tasted a little salty. Lisa says it was a good thing I didn't swallow the contact lenses. She caught us while I was chewing and Tundra was deciding what to knock onto the floor next. Sorry Mommy!

Aug 6, 2010

hole in Riv's head

Hey! Jasper Here! Mommy went on a long bike trip WITHOUT US! Can you imagine? Something called RAGBRAI and it sounds like SO MUCH FUN! Even though I really don't get the bike thing, mommy said there is lots of food and lots of people and even a few other dogs. I don't know why she did not bring me and Riv! I would have gone! I would do anything! I love everything! But we got to stay home with Daddy and he give us whole treats not half treats like Mommy so it was ok.
Anyways, when she got home me and River did our usual welcome, which means we ran straight at her, jumped up and down, circled, licked, sniffed, jumped some more, wrestled each other and then each picked up a toy and did a few laps around the furniture, like 30 laps, at full speed.
After we finished doing our welcome home laps around the furniture, Mommy was petting River and she said "OH YUCK." SOMEHOW, while she was gone, River got two big holes on the top of his head! There are two big holes and NO ONE is telling what happened especially not me. Here is a picture of the biggest one, and this is 5 days after Mommy came home and cleaned it out. Do you think his hair will ever grow back? See Mommy, you should not go away for so long!