Mar 29, 2013

Road Trip!

Hi Everyone!  River Here!  Sorry it has been awhile since we posted.  We got to go on the longest car ride ever and didn't come back for a whole month! 
Here is a picture of us on our road trip.  Dad rented a Toyota minivan and as far as we are concerned, it is the ONLY way to go when you have us two dogs plus all our dog food, dog water, dog dishes, dog snacks, dog leashes, dog tie-outs, dog beds, dog toys, and, well, you get the idea.  Plus Tundra came with us and she had her own crate for the trip and room for all HER stuff!  And we still had plenty of space!
Dad stowed the third-row seats and took the second-row seats out and left those at home. Then they put us in harnesses and attached our leashes to heavy-duty carabiners hooked to the anchors in the car.  It worked out GREAT because we didn't mind this at all and we could move around and lay down, and even though the picture looks like a pile of dogs and leashes, we never got tangled up.  Mommy liked it too because we could not escape when they opened the car door.

It worked so well that after we got back, Daddy went out and bought a van JUST FOR US!

One super-fun thing about Florida is that we get to go to the dog park every single day!  We saw funny dogs there, like this one.  I'm not sure but I think all the other dogs felt sorry for her!  I mean, really, who does this? How embarrassing! 
The only thing Jasper likes to do at the dog park is chase his red Kong disk, but this time there was a Dalmatian and a Portugese water dog who tried to STEAL his disk every single day! Once they got it, Jasper just walked around looking sad. Here is the Portugese water dog waiting to steal Jasper's toy:
 While we were out at the dog park, Tundra kept an eye on things at the house.  Here she is, keeping the geckos away.

Once we got home from the dog park I was ready for a nap!  Boy do I miss my big chair at home, this one was kind of tight but I made it work:
What a fun trip! But it is fun to be home too.  Look! We STILL have snow to play in! 
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