Dec 30, 2009

Ready for Sand instead of SNOW!

River here. Jasper is still in love with snow (because Jasper loves EVERYTHING) but I want to go to Florida. Yesterday it was really really freezing so instead of walking Mommy was playing with us outside with that blue and orange thing - Chucky-chuck it - and it was so windy that Chucky landed on the roof and the game was over. Then today we FINALLY got to go for a walk and it was fun at first sniffing deer tracks and stuff. Then we found a deer carcass that the crows were into and it looked and smelled delicious but Mommy pulled us away, and THEN one of my paws hurt so I just sat down in the road. I didn't even care that we were 1/2 mile from home I didn't want to walk any more (except maybe back to the deer carcass). So I just sat in the road and Mommy tried to brush off my paws and then my backside was getting cold from sitting on the road so I decided to walk back. I felt better after we got back up the driveway and I got off the leash and wrestled Jasper in the snow, but I still want to go to Florida.

Dec 19, 2009

Trying to Catch Red Dot

River Here! We just came in from outside chasing Red Dot! I don't know if you can see Red Dot in the picture but this is one of our favorite things to do and it's EXTRA fun at night when there is snow on the ground. Red Dot hangs out in the drawer by the door. We get so excited when Mommy opens the drawer because we know what is going to happen next...RED DOT is getting turned LOOSE and we get to try to catch him! We chase as FAST as we CAN across the yard and back and down by the pond and in circles and then zig-zagging but we never catch him. After about 10 or 15 minutes we are tired, even Jasper, and Red Dot just disappears! Mommy why are you laughing?????

Dec 12, 2009

Snow Dogs

River and Jasper Here. We got lots of snow the past couple of days and now we get to PLAY in it! Mommy just came back from Florida and she couldn't wait to get outside and play with us. Oh wait, she says she COULD wait. Anyways, she put on more clothes than she wore all week in Florida and she did come outside! We chased the Red Kong Disk and wrestled and had fun until we both got big snowballs stuck in our paws. Do you know the best thing to do when you get paw snowballs? Come inside the house where they melt REALLY fast! OH, sorry Mommy - maybe you should wear shoes in the house. Welcome Back!

Dec 7, 2009

River and Ripley's Beach Trip

River here. Just in case anyone thinks Jasper has all the fun...I have to tell you about my trip to the beach last weekend WITHOUT JASPER. Boy, was Jasper ever mad that he had to stay home (in his crate, no less) alone! He barked and whined and carried on but Mommy was firm and said she was just taking ME. She fixed him a yummy Kong with some peanut butter and biscuits and he didn't even care - he just kept squawking. I have to admit, if it were up to me, I would have a hard time choosing between a trip and a stuffed Kong in my cozy crate, because I do love Kongs!
Anyways I am glad I got to take the trip to the beach. It was kind of wavy and I am a little nervous about waves, so I stayed away from the water and spent my time sniffing. Now, you might not know this but there is GREAT sniffing at the beach. Old leaves, sticks, other dogs, and, best of all, DEAD FISH! Cousin Ripley (on the left in the photo) found good dead fish right away and rolled and rolled in them for a long time before Aunt Susan caught her. I am quite selective about what kind of dead fish I want to smell like, and I didn't find quite the right dead fish until we were almost ready to go home, but it was really good and stinky! What a FUN DAY!
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