Mar 13, 2011

"It's a wild, wild life"

Jasper and River here. We are too young to know who Talking Heads are but sometimes Mommy sings parts of Talking Heads it's a wild wild life...and makes up new verses. And she thinks WE are crazy!
Anyways, lots of wild life around here this weekend! First of all the red fox has been out a LOT - here we are, looking out the window to see if she is still there! When we see the fox we bark and make lots of other noises and run from the door to the windows and back at very high speed. It's fun, even if we DON'T get to go outside and chase.
THEN, there was this big big dog - the biggest dog we ever saw! Maybe a Great Pyrenees? We don't know exactly why they call them Great. We should be Great Goldens! Anyways, we were outside and she walked ACROSS the pond toward us and we barked like crazy but she did not care. Then WE busted through the dog fence to the pond side and then Mommy came out to try to retrieve us because it was going to be bad enough to have a strange and very big dog break through the ice but imagine all three of us ! So we came inside and Mommy stayed out to try to catch her but finally the dog's family came. Turns out SHE busted through HER electric fence chasing deer and then she got lost! EVERYONE was happy that she found her family.
THEN, this morning when we went for our walk look what we saw! Fresh bear tracks, right in our yard! We did not see the bear but we could smell it in the woods...all 6 of us stopped (Mabel, Moe, Us and Mommy and Daddy) and sniffed...well us dogs did...and sniffed... and we are pretty sure the bear was back in the woods a little ways. It's been another fun weekend !