Sep 4, 2011

Today's Walk!

Hi Everyone! Jasper here! This morning Mommy took me, River, and Moe for a walk and guess what we saw? That's right. A BIG BEAR! How did you guess?
We were just walking down the road and then this giant bear walked out of the woods ahead of us and stopped in the middle of the road. The bear was looking at us, and we were looking at the bear and we did not make a PEEP because we weren't quite sure WHAT do to! But the best part was after we stared at each other for what seemed like forever, I guess Mommy got a little nervous that the bear was not moving, because she jumped up and down and waved her arms (which is not easy when her arms are attached to 3 leashes) and yelled "Run Bear Run!"
Well the bear took one last look at this crazy scene and took off into the woods and then and only then did we back Mommy up and start barking and jumping too. It was very exciting and of course I wanted to play with the bear and River wanted to go chase it but Mommy decided maybe we should just turn around and go back home after that in case there were baby bears around. That was our walk for today!