Oct 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend Tricks and Treats!

Happy Halloween! River here to tell you about Halloween day around here! First, do you realize we have been writing this blog for a whole year? Anyways, even though today is Halloween, Trick or Treating was last night and we had lots of kids to bark at - about 12 kids total which is kind of a record out here. Mommy put popcorn and candy bars and rubber mice in the treat bowl and the kids took lots of stuff.

Lucky for Tundra (the cat) there were toy mice left over! She discovered them today and even though I would have gone right for the Snickers, I guess Tundra likes mice better. She tossed a couple of mice out of the bowl and onto the floor to play with but she didn't get a chance because Jasper was waiting right there...and Mommy didn't realize this until she saw him chewing and he would NOT give it up and she had to dig a mouse out of his mouth, but not before he ate the tail! Mommy says she is pretty sure those two are in cahoots, whatever that means!

So then Mommy decided it was time for us all to go outside to play. She came outside, and Mabel and Moe too, and we had fun chasing each other and chasing the orange toy and running down to the pond. THEN, even though it was in the 30's and the pond water is really REALLY cold, you can guess what happened next...of course! Jasper jumped in...and Mommy hadn't even thrown a stick or toy or anything! He just HAD to jump in. Here is a picture of Jasper swimming back. Doesn't that water LOOK cold? BRRRR. I got in too, but only to my knees! So, it was a pretty good Halloween. Maybe you need to adopt a dog so YOU can have more fun on Halloween, too!!!!!!