Nov 19, 2011

Jasper's Trophy Rock

Hi Everyone! Jasper here to tell you about my rock! My friends Kazi (a Brittany) and Libby (King Charles Cavalier) came over to play a couple of weeks ago and they don't like to swim too much so we took a little hike first and THEN came back to the pond. I wanted to show Libby and Kazi how much fun digging is so I started digging by the edge of the pond and found the BEST ROCK EVER! When Mommy saw it she said if the rock wasn't still wet she never would have believed I dug it out of the pond, cause it was so big! It's as big as my head! I admit it was a little heavy so I only carried far enough for everyone to see it. Once I get rocks out I really don't care about them anymore but Mommy kept it and weighed it and she says it was 8-1/2 pounds and I am lucky I still have any teeth left at all. Here is my trophy rock! And my favorite red disk! Today I went digging in one of my mudholes for 2 hours! I hope you have fun things to do where you live.