Oct 13, 2012

Mr. January

HI Everyone!

Jasper here with some exciting news.   I, Jasper Yoder Jester Miller, made the GRIN Calendar!  Yup, you can now add "Mr. January" to my title!

The funniest part is how shocked River was when he saw the calendar for the first time today!  Mr. Handsome (River) himself made it in the calendar, too, though...a little photo on the September page.  I'm in that one, too!  Can you believe it?  I can't believe it!  One day I am just another cute, slightly funny-faced little golden mutt and the next day I am Mr. January. You should have seen how excited we were when Mommy opened the package of calendars she ordered.  We both jumped up and down to get a look, just like we knew exactly what they were!  Calendars of us! 

GRIN is Golden Retrievers in Need,  the organization that rescued me and River from who even knows what and placed us in the BEST FOSTER HOME ever in Ohio with Jane and Lennie, who then let Mommy and Daddy take us home to live with them in New York.  The Calendar is one way GRIN raises money to rescue more Goldens. 

Just think, you could start YOUR 2013 out right by seeing me EVERY DAY all of January, and LOTS  and LOTS of great pictures of other rescued goldens the whole rest of the year, just by ordering a calendar!


Here is a preview.  If you want me to autograph your calendar with a nice muddy paw print, just let Mommy know.  My OTHER good news is that my mud puddle is back in action so I am available almost anytime!

Love, Mr. January Jasper