Nov 26, 2010

Last jump of the year?

Hi Everyone! Jasper Here! Thanksgiving was fun yesterday except when everyone tried to make me learn to shake paws, which I just do not do. Hey, I can "sit" on command about 50% of the time...what more do they want from me? Speaking of shake, guess what I did today? You guessed it...I went for a swim! The pond has LOTS of extra water in it right now which I think is just perfect (more to jump in!) but Mommy and Daddy got a little worried because they could not even SEE the overflow grate, which usually sticks out about a foot, so they went down to the pond with a really really long stick to try to clean it out.

Well, water is just FUN and I wanted to do MY part so of course I jumped in! The last thing I heard before I hit the water was Mommy yelling, "Jasper NO it's too COLD." What does she know - she hasn't been in the pond in 4 months!!!! Anyways, did I mention that it was 26 degrees outside and really windy? So I got out and jumped in 2 or 4 more times but then when I got out and River chased me around the yard, my fur froze! Normally I get out, shake, River chases me around, I shake a few more times, chase again and by then my fur is almost dry from the shaking and chasing. But this time when I shook NOTHING HAPPENED! I was frozen! I had to go hang out in the mud room til I melted. But it was still fun. Here is a picture of some of my frozen fur!