Jan 20, 2011

Hi Everyone! River here. If you have been reading our blog you know that I love my crate, and that Tundra the cat loves my crate, too. Now you will NEVER guess who ELSE loves my crate! JASPER!

I would not have believed it myself except Mommy just got this photographic evidence. A few weeks ago I was on my favorite chair and she could not find Jasper - he was not on any furniture or curled up in any of his usual spots on the floor, and then she finally found him curled up in the back of MY crate. Then it happened again, and then AGAIN, and Mommy wants to know why Jasper, who makes a BIG LOUD STINK about going in his own crate suddenly starts voluntarily hanging out in my crate! And I want to know why I can't just have my OWN crate to MYSELF! He's goofy!

Jan 1, 2011

New Cousin!

Hi! Jasper Here! Guess what? We have a new cousin! Her name is Trixie and she was adopted from a shelter in Virginia by Aunt Kristin. Do you know I've never been to Virginia? Oh, back to Trixie. I don't know quite what to make of her - she keeps bugging me and River and I thought that being pesky was MY job around here! Mommy explained that even though Trix is bigger than me, she is still a puppy. We aren't quite sure WHAT kind of dog she is but we don't know for sure what I am either! Who cares? All I know is she loves the snow as much as I do and that is a LOT. We all went snowshoeing a bunch of times and it was fun, and once Trixie even got a carcass and oh boy, was she ever happy. Aunt Kristin tried to get it away from her and she had to pull it out of Trixie's mouth and then Kristin's gloves smelled REALLY REALLY good! I think we are all going to have lots of fun together.