Jun 24, 2011

what River did today

HI Everyone! Jasper here! Taking a break from my mud puddles to show you what River did to himself today. Mommy was HORRIFIED when she saw this and I don't blame her. I might be goofy and have a few annoying habits, but I would NOT chew my own hair off! I have too many FUN things to do!
So, now Riv has the big plastic collar on which I barked at for two hours til I realized it was River inside there. And he is mad at Mommy for making him wear it and putting stuff on his leg. I hope he gets better SOON because right now he won't even chase me or play tug toy or let me jump on him or anything! Get well soon River!

Jun 5, 2011

We had to stay inside for THIS????

Hi Everyone! River here!
We missed writing in our blog, but it's just been busy around this place. We had so much rain this spring that Jasper has SEVERAL new mud holes to bark at and dig in. Mommy says she doesn't care, because a few holes in the yard and having to throw sticks in the pond to clean him off is a small price to pay for keeping HIM busy.
So, today, we really really really wanted to go outside and play but Mommy kept us locked in the house! She wasn't trying to be mean but there was a BIG old TURTLE in our yard and then she reminded me about the LAST time I tried to get the turtle out of the yard, how the end of my nose came up missing. Oh yeah, I did forget about that. It is mostly grown back now. So, anyways, here is the turtle. And of course the turtle took her sweet old time getting out of our yard, but finally she was gone and we spent the WHOLE DAY outside!