Apr 10, 2011

Grin Dogs!

Hey! River here! Wondering if me and Jasper were ever as little as the 8 puppies that GRIN (Golden Retrievers in Need) Rescue has available for adoption. www.grinrescue.org You can watch the puppies on YouTube by clicking here and scrolling down: http://grinrescue.org/featured-golden-top-menu/824-iris.html

AND if puppies aren't your thing (we hear they are lots of work, not easy like when me and Jasper got adopted! Oh wait, what was that Daddy? We were a full time job?) you can see lots of other Goldens that need homes, too! Like Wilson! We hope Wilson comes to play with us pretty soon! Here's Wilson:

Apr 3, 2011

Mudlucious Plans for Spring

Hi Everyone! Jasper Here! We had company today - 4 Dogs! Mommy says she did what ANY good hostess would do when 4 dogs come to visit - she let EVERYONE go down to the pond to run around and go swimming and get extremely muddy before they had to get in their car to go home. Sorry about your car, Laura!
Anyways, it was MY FIRST TIME down to the pond since the ice melted and OF COURSE I went swimming. Then the BEST thing happened. I found a good place to dig! And BARK. And Dig. And Bark. And Dig. And Bark. Springtime is SO MUCH FUN!
and e.e. cummings never even met me OR my mudholes before he wrote that poem!