Apr 7, 2012

Mommy's Event

Hi Everyone! River and Jasper here. Did you hear that Mommy had something everyone keeps calling an event? That sounded like FUN to us but everyone was very serious when they talked about it.

Then she explained she had something VERY rare called a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) so it was a CARDIAC event, not a FUN event. SCADs happen when the layers of one or more artery walls suddenly separate, and blood flows into the space where it tore, and then the torn part blocks blood flow and wham-o! A heart attack! Interestingly, this happens to a lot of people like mommy, mostly women, who are super-healthy and about the last people you think would have a heart attack. The bad thing is no one knows why SCAD happens to certain people!

The good news is she is starting to feel better and we get to help her with rehab!!!!!! It's going to be GREAT and we are going to be the BEST HELPERS EVER. We started out already by going for little hikes in the fields and around the pond. Here are some pictures from rehab today. Jasper on the left and River on the right!

If you have to do rehab, you should DEFINITELY adopt a dog. Or maybe adopting a dog will PREVENT you from having an "event" in the first place, cause you know us dogs DO help you to take walks and play and even relax. And everyone knows how much us goldens love petting and that petting us lowers YOUR blood pressure! A win-win!

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  1. River and Jasper ... so glad you're spreading the word about SCAD. Great job helping with cardiac rehab -- that is most important. If your mom wants to participate in the Mayo Clinic SCAD research studies, here is more information: