Jun 17, 2012

Jasper's New Hobby!

Hi Everyone!  Jasper here!  Can you believe someone came and filled all my mudholes around the yard?  And it has been very dry so I can't even make new ones.  What is a mud-digging dog to do?  Start digging in the pond!
I started doing this a little bit last fall (remember the post about the rock as big as my head?)  but now I am REALLY into it!  I dig them out of the mud one by one at the edge of the pond, then bring them up on the grass and then go back and dig some more.  I bark at the water when I am doing it and It is SO MUCH FUN!  One day Mommy counted 23 rocks!  But then she said something about what words would fly when someone mowed the lawn over all those rocks and she threw them back.  Did you know words can fly?  I didn't either!  This is going to be GREAT summer! 

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