Aug 2, 2012

River Here...the grandkids were here and gone and even if they tire me out, I love that they were here for a visit. I hope that they come back soon.  Why?

3. More walks!  Here is a picture of us on a walk. I got a little tired so Roen sat down with me.  Wiley Jane likes to walk Jasper because even though they call him "the crazy one,"  he is a pretty mellow walker.  Me, sometimes my nose takes over, and I have to admit I pull at my leash. 
2. More fetch! Nydus loved throwing the ball but he does not throw it very far, which is PERFECT for me, because I really don't love to run all that far!  
1. More snacks.  I scored a turkey sandwich, about 10 egg yolks, french toast, and lots more that I am NOT telling!  

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